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to help your brand's visibility

There’s a lot more to managing your company’s social media channels than just posting pretty pictures and running a few ads – when was the last time you thought about community engagement?


While traditional social media marketing focuses on increasing the visibility of your brand to lead the customer to make a purchase decision, community management steps it up a notch by engaging with your community to make it stronger and more meaningful.

What a community manager does:

  • Responds to queries on public posts

  • Replies to private messages sent to your page

  • Joins the conversation in the comments section of posts

  • Engages with other like-minded accounts & social media influencers in the industry

  • Uses social listening and analytics tools to find the conversations happening around your brand and industry, helping to inform marketing strategies & larger business decisions.

Why Community Engagement matters:
It attracts new customers

It retains existing customers

It increases brand reputation

No more losing valuable clients you've worked hard to drive to your social platforms because they had to wait days for a response, received an answer that’s not in-line with your company values, or even worse – one that was incorrect!



  • We are trained writers! Our team have written for newspapers and respected publications

  • Our marketing background means we understand how to get the message across the right way

  • We have experience with corporates so we know the importance of a ‘corporate tone’

  • We will take the time to become champions for your organisation, learning to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to speaking fluidly and confidently about your product and services

  • We will answer questions from your consumers in the right way to bring you more clientele and cement existing relationships!

Why we are amazing at community management:

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