We. Love.


and we are kind of amazing at it

What does your business need to make it SHINE and stand out from competitors?


Do you need an amazing, beautifully designed, hard hitting sales kit?  Perhaps you want to attract new customers with a specialised direct marketing campaign?  At Polished, we do it all and we do it well!


Whether it is a small 1 page flyer, a 50 page report or a series of multipage information booklets, we are the right choice for your project.


When it comes to corporate

graphic design,

we've done the lot!

Flyers / Brochures



Sales Packs

Print Adverts

Direct Marketing


Conference / Event Material


Promotional Videos

and so much more....

FUN FACT:  We have been in charge of managing all the design for numerous national franchise organisations - producing hundreds of items of content for their franchisees/stores to roll out across Australia and internationally. 
Want that level of experience and power injected into your own business?  Let's talk.
Sometimes we find that a clients problem is not that they don't have the collateral they need... it is that they have too much!


If your collection of corporate brochures, promotional collateral, info booklets, service flyers etc has grown and grown over the years, sometimes you can find yourself with a huge amount of out of date information and evolving, non-unifrom branding.


We can assist you by doing an audit of all your collateral and help you to identity what you have vs. what you need for your business today.