Social media marketing tip: Don’t forget to listen

Social Media is fantastic… you can reach potential customers and start building a relationship with them before they even know they need your service or product, you can talk to your clients/customers and educate them on what you do or new things happening in your industry, you can advertise, you can email chat, you can post live video updates and so much more. But do you know the most powerful thing you can do when it comes to your social media channels?

You can listen.

Take a moment. Be still. Can you hear it? It’s thousands of dollars’ worth of market research/customer analysis/product feedback and data just waiting for you to grab it! You can take so much from social media, if you stop and listen.

Social media is meant to be just that, social. It’s first and foremost a communication tool, and businesses need to remember that communication goes both ways. What your followers/competitors/industry leads/peers and staff are telling you (indirectly or not) via social media can be priceless, it’s just about taking the time to analyse what is being communicated and what it means for your business.

For example, it could be something seemingly small. Let’s say you’re a yoga studio and you are constantly bombarded with messages from potential clients about what classes you have on. Yes, you should take that opportunity to write a lovely warm, welcoming email back to the potential new clients with the info they have asked for and show your enthusiasm for them joining you – but what else does this tell you? Is your website and in turn your timetable too hard to find? Are you potentially missing out on new clientele because they’ve tried to find this information, but you’ve fallen into the ‘too hard’ basket and they’ve moved onto a competitor? Take note of trending queries or questions as they could be pointing out an area that needs attention.

Want to see a fantastic example of a big company listening in on their social media channels and turning hashtags into profit? In steps fashion giant Country Road. A few days ago, tv presenter, fashion guru and infamous WAG (fyi – we abhor this acronym) Rebecca Judd posted this pic on Instagram.

Eleven thousand something likes later, plus hundreds of comments with people swooning over the sold out Country Road dress she wore, and what has this very clever brand done? They’ve listened. They’ve listened and their response has been to shout it from the rooftops! They’re picking up what their social followers are putting down, will be restocking the dress AND have opened up a fabulous little waitlist on their website online.

Now how clever is that?! 1. They’re showing that they listen and genuinely care about what their customers are asking for. 2. They’re inviting clients to immediately register their interest on the waitlist. 3. Via the waitlist… they’ll be further building their database of loyal potential customers. 4. They’re continuing the momentum of the story and turning those initial 11K likes into a whole lot more via their follow-up posts on ‘the dress’ on their own social channels.

Now we could also touch on the brilliance of finding a perfect spokesperson/social personality/blogger etc also, as R.Judd has done for Country Road, but let’s save that for another day shall we?

The big take away from this post? When it comes to social media marketing, it’s not just about communicating what you want to say… the real value can be in what you hear/learn.

Go forth and listen our savvy social friends :)

Have a shiny day!

Team Polished

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