Help! Where did all my Instagram followers go?

You’ve been chipping away at your Insta for months (or even years) now, posting beautiful photos with oh-so-quirky captions, engaging with like-minded peeps, generally just being awesome + totally follow-worthy. You’re so close to cracking that milestone number of followers… only to wake up this week + find a giant chunk have disappeared!


There’s a simple explanation for why this might have happened to you recently. Essentially, the good people of Instagram (we bow down to you, kind ladies + sirs) keep a close eye on all those fake, spammy accounts. You know, those ones from the o

ther side of the world who post random + totally unrelated comments on your posts that just scream ingenuity? Yeah, them.

Nobody likes a spammer. So every few months, Instagram will do a big purge + wipe out the bots. That’s why it looks like you’re losing followers – but rest assured, it’s not you, it’s them. There’s nothing you could have done (unless you bought followers, which isn’t a great idea in the first place).

The rose golden rule when it comes to social media is quality over quantity. What would you rather: 10,000 spam followers who never engage with your content, or 1,000 genuine followers that you’ve built a solid relationship with (leading to more leads, enquiries + sales)?

We know what we’d prefer. xx

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