What is Workplace by Facebook?

A plethora of business collaboration software currently exists in the marketplace, with plenty of options available for enterprise, but in an already time-poor economy nobody wants to spend hours learning how to use another program.

With every woman and her dog on Facebook these days (seriously, it has nearly 2 billion daily users), what better platform to use in the office?

Workplace by Facebook is the new, business-focused version of Facebook. It has the same look, feel and function that we all know and love, but with one key difference – enterprise accounts are kept separate from personal accounts, instead created with your work email address.

We think this new development could be an absolute game changer for business collaboration!

Workplace by Facebook features:

  • Voice + video calls

  • Work chat apps

  • Team + project groups

  • Live video streaming

  • Reporting analytics

  • File storage (unlimited!)

  • Integration with cloud-based storage providers like Google Drive

Quite frankly, we can’t believe it wasn’t introduced sooner – except it turns out it was! Facebook first launched Workplace in October 2016, announcing there were already over 1000 companies and brands on board to help test and trial the software.

Now it’s everyone else’s turn! You can create a Premium account now for a free trial, or join Workplace for free on a Standard account.

Are you already on Workplace by Facebook? Let us know what you think! Hit us up with your review – social@polished.com.au

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