Facebook Groups just got a whole lot fancier

Social media managers, rejoice! Facebook is adding several new features to help Group admins manage their members and grow their teams.

The new tools will provide admins with a better understanding of member activity and more control over group membership and posting.

The updates include:

  • Group insights — Admins will be able to see real-time metrics about growth, engagement and membership, like the total number of Group posts and most popular times of member engagement.

  • Membership request filtering — Membership requests will be sorted into categories like gender or location, so admins can accept or decline requests by categories all at once.

  • Removed member clean-up — Admins will be able to remove Group members and their created content in one step.

  • Scheduled posts — Group admins and moderators will be able to create and schedule posts.

  • Group-to-group linking — Facebook is testing group-to-group linking, which allows admins to suggest similar groups to their members.

We can't wait to try out the new features!

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