Facebook now feeds you [Facebook Food Delivery now available in the US]

Facebook food delivery

Facebook now feeds you…

In 2017, the human race generally turns to Facebook for many of our daily needs:

  • News? Facebook

  • Social interaction? Facebook

  • Humour? Facebook

  • Finding local businesses? Facebook

  • Shopping? Facebook

And now… low and behold, Facey will even feed you.

This week Facebook officially launched it’s ‘food delivery’ service to US based users. Watch out UberEats, FB is definitely on your tail.

What is it:

In a nut shell, Facebook is combining a lot of the big players in food delivery into one place, so you can browse options from (in America) Delivery.com and Chownow etc, and see all the options available in the one place.

How does it work:

You access it via the explore menu, clicking through to the ‘Order Food’ section. There you can check out all the food options available in your area, look at takeout/delivery choices and ‘Start an order’. When you select the restaurant you’d like to order from, you’ll see the different options available ie. They might deliver via the service Delivery.com – if you already have a login with this service you can just log right in and order! Don’t have a login? You can sign-up straight away from within Facebook.

Facebook is one bunch of clever sausages! They’ve essentially brought in a whole new service arm (which we are sure has some fabulous monetary commissions happening from the delivery services) and they get all the brilliance of extra traffic, extra numbers ‘on-site’ to advertise to AND create an even more comprehensive user experience without any of the risk involved with a service business! Genius.


+ You can browse all the options available on the multiple platforms in your area without having to check through each website/app individually. Ie. saves you time, data and gets that delicious cheezy pizza infront of your even quicker!

+ You can check out reviews by your friends on the different restaurants – very cool.


+ Already addicted to Facebook? Well just add this to the list of things to do on there and the list of reasons to be connected to your fabulous social network 24/7.

+ It’s currently only available in the USA, we can’t wait for it to hit Australia!

So that’s a wrap! Is Facebook food ordering available in your city yet? Try it out and let us know how you go!

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