How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

Ah, the question that has caused more debate than the “is the dress blue and black or white and gold” saga of 2016. If Tyrion Lannister has taught us anything it’s that size isn’t everything, but if you want your blog to succeed it’s an important element to consider.

Article length is a major point of contention across the blogosphere, with everyone from influencers to web developers chiming in on what they consider the perfect amount of words to keep audiences engaged and rank well in search engine results.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to blog lengths, but we have put together a formula to ensure your audience can find your blog posts and enjoy reading them.

Introducing the Polished Blog Length Optimisation Guide or B.L.O.G (see what we did there).

Keep it Over 300 words

Don’t sell yourself short. Your post will need to be more than 300 words if it is to have any chance at showing up on search engines. Also, you want to give your audience something to bit into, no one likes clicking onto an article and realizing its two badly worded sentences and a stock image.

Short(ish) and Sweet

That being said, a post that gives Homer’s Iliad a run for its money lengthwise will overwhelm your readers and the chances are, they won’t read all the way through, meaning they will miss important messaging or information you are trying to communicate.

The perfect SEO mix – quality and quantity

Long posts naturally rank in search engines better than short posts. However, long posts require strong writing skills. Not everyone can write readable blog posts of more than 1000 words. Still, size is important and having a bit of length in your blog posts will do wonders for your SEO strategy.

The consensus across the blogosphere is that well written long posts nail your SEO while also keeping readers engaged. This largely depends on content – some readers may want to read a dissertation length piece on the importance of lawn care, but in general it is best to keep your posts between 1000 and 2000 words.

With a decent amount of text Google finds it easier determine what your article is about. If you write your copy well, your keyword will be in the text rather often, because it’s so lengthy. In a long article, your keywords will naturally flow within the text, so you won’t have to shove them in (also known as keyword stuffing) where they don’t belong. Keyword stuffing is a big no-no in the all-seeing eye of Google and should always be avoided.

As well as meaning your text will naturally include your main keywords, a longer article also means you’ll most likely cover a wider range of topics and rank in search engines for other related keywords. This means your posts will have a chance to turn up in search results for all these long tail variants. Combined with your original keywords the inclusion of related topics will result in a growth of the organic traffic to your site.

Write it right! – Readability and length

The downside of blog posts containing more than 1000 words is that they can become hard to read. You’ll need some proper writing skills in order to write easy-to-read articles of more than 1000 words. Also, large pieces of text can be intimidating to readers, especially if they are not formatted correctly.

If your articles aren’t engaging and easily read, they won’t be shared on social media you will most likely miss out on creating return visitation from your readers. Unappealing articles also won’t rank well in Google, due to bad user experience.

The only way to write successful lengthy blog posts is by making sure your post is easy to read! Follow the steps below to ensure your posts are clear and engaging.

  1. Structure your post – Use headlines, subheadings and index your post to make sure it’s clear to readers what they can expect in your post and increase readability.

  2. Use short and clear headings, sentences and paragraphs – Keep all the elements of your article succinct to make sure your readers stay interested.

  3. Tone of voice – make sure your tone of voice suits your business! Use the language your readers speak, this keeps your post relatable and engaging.

Long story short

Although highly disputed across the internet, blog post length shouldn’t be a major point of stress for you and your business. By following the guide outlined above, your bogs will have a good chance to rank well on google and amongst your readers.





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