Instagram and the use of strategic stories

Brands are built on trust, relationships and the feelings of connection. Facts and statistics help but connecting with your customers or in this case your Instagram followers is the key to success. In today’s world it means understanding and deploying the power of stories as well as harnessing the use of traditional posts. Instagram stories have been around for a little while now, but how can you use them to ensure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves? It is first important to acknowledge that Instagram stories are built on the foundation of storytelling. It gives people a cheeky look at footage they would not usually be privy to, a story so to speak. Storytelling as a medium has been around for generations but by using Instagram stories to market your organization you will be able to connect with your customers on a whole new level. A few strategies that you can implement in this arena include using stories to promote new products or services, to offer discounts or limited time only offers. The fact that these kinds of promotions are only available for such a short period of time creates urgency and buzz about your organization. Live streaming events and special occasions is also well received in the Instagram community.

It gives the consumer the opportunity to be at exclusive events that they would not otherwise see. It also gives organizations an opportunity to showcase their work in a fun and casual manner. This kind of marketing makes followers feel connected to brands, something that every brand desires. It makes them relatable to their followers and leads to positive reputation management. Instagram takeovers, celebrity endorsements and the use of influencers within the story feature is also highly successful. The “click to buy” feature is also becoming more popular within Instagram stories and the usage of links within stories for lead generation purposes. One thing we can guarantee you is that Instagram stories are here to stay and you really need to be using this medium as part of your overall marketing strategy. Can you afford not to?