LinkedIn group changes are coming soon

LinkedIn groups are an extremely effective tool for individuals and organisations to use to market themselves and their businesses. It is also a great place to test industry-based concepts or ideas, connect with likeminded individuals and build your reputation. It is for these reasons andmany more that LinkedIn have recently committed to upgrading the service. The new service is due to roll out at the end of August and will include improved navigation from the homepage and visibility of group conversations in the main LinkedIn feed.

LinkedIn are also:

  • working on rebuilding the moderation functionality

  • making the admin role void and replacing it with content owners and managers

  • creating better notification and communication channels

  • optimising the service for iOS and Android use

These changes will improve your overall user experience and help you to build more meaningful connections with those that are relevant to you and your organisation. So, stay tuned and get ready for more changes in the world of social media management.