Big changes to Facebook Pixel coming this month

Big Changes To Facebook pixel coming this month

On October 24th, 2018 changes to the way in which Facebook utilises its Pixel will mean that advertisers such as ourselves will be better placed to serve up targeted Ad experiences to consumers. For years now, websites have relied upon third-party cookies to deliver statistical data back to advertising platforms such as Facebook, however not all search engines and devices approve of third-party cookies. Apple has been one such contender against the use of third-party cookies, blocking them from their devices and therefore causing advertisers such as us to lose out on a large volume of consumers in our retargeting audiences.

The coming change from Facebook means that rather than using third-party cookies, it will be releasing first-party cookies to its advertisers. This will be far more appealing to search engines and devices because they will see the cookie as being part of the main domain even though it sends data back to Facebook, rather than from a third-party… therefore giving advertisers the ability to track and finally retarget previously un-trackable audiences.

Not only will we as advertisers be able to retarget to these audiences with specific Ads based on their movements online, we will have more accurate analytical data on website traffic and actions taken on clients’ websites. The power of web analytics gives us a clearer understanding of the customer journey which in turn gives us the ability to optimise Ad delivery. This is an exciting move for Facebook advertisers and Ad clients alike! We can’t wait for October 24th when Facebook rolls the changes out!

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