2019 changes to Facebook Groups

Another day, another major update rolling out across the world for Facebook users. This time it’s pertaining to Facebook groups. 2018 truly was ‘the year of the FB group’ and we have seen their popularity really start to rise with more and more groups being made and many businesses incorporating them into their digital strategy (but that’s a whole other article). With this growth it’s only natural that we’d see the rules and functionalities of the groups evolve.

Zucks and the team are working hard to keep people ‘on Facebook’ and engaged while precociously navigating the increased advertising presence on the platform – ooh that’s a balancing act. For this reason, a huge amount of emphasis is being placed on keeping the user experience as tailored, relevant and ‘fun’ as possible. What does this mean? They don’t want peoples’ feeds being clogged up by things that aren’t of much use/interest to them – ‘an engaged Facebook user is a happy Facebook user’ so on top of all the changes they’ve been making to the algorithms and to the advertising platform, they’re now looking at how they can make Facebook groups better.

One of the first major changes has already started to roll out and if you’re an admin of a group you may have come across this notice when you log in:

Essentially they are trying to help minimise the overload of irrelevant information that can come through on mass from groups that you’ve been added to by friends where the topic at hand isn’t really your jam ie. when Susan in Accounts adds you to the group for the “new anti-ageing, miracle weightloss, beauty enhancing magical water pills made with unicorn tears” that she’s selling on the side and you haven’t had the heart to ‘leave’ the group even though you don’t interact with any of the posts and haven’t ever visited the group page itself. Well, FB knows the pain and is taking care of that part for us and is starting to move people that fit that ‘non-participating category’ out of the group and instead they’ll appear as an ‘invited’ group member.

What does it mean for admins? At first glance it could mean a substantial drop in numbers on your group, which can be a bit disheartening, but honestly all in all it’s a good thing! When it comes to FB groups, you want a relevant and engaged audience – numbers for the sake of numbers aren’t great and besides for the social proof factor (and an ego boost) they don’t make or break a group. You are far better off growing a community full of the right people, that want to be there and are engaging and adding to the discussion.

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