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The other week I was flicking through Facebook on the couch one evening when I saw a post and after a moment of shock thought... omgiod Netflix has had their Facebook account hacked. I keenly (nerdily) checked their account a few hours later to see if the post had been removed and to my surprise, it was still there AND other (more official looking) posts had gone up since. That was when I realised they hadn’t been hacked at all? It was just that someone with gigantic kahunas had gone to town and tried something a little different... stretching their corporate tone if you will. And do you know what... for the most part, it worked:

Check out those ‘shared’ stats. Wowser. Now, this is a gutsy move and definitely is not what we would suggest is a strategy that can be applied to most businesses. They, of course, got a portion of their followers that found the post rude, morally reprehensible, unnecessary etc but for the most part, their followers ate it up.

Let’s look at why it worked:

Knowing their audience.

Though stretched, it is in line with their corporate tone. They’ve got a whole lot of ‘Riverdale-esque’ followers on their page that pride themselves on being #litaf etc so day to day you’ll see a lot of Netflix’s posts using the latest in internet colloquialisms, the new ‘hip’ word, *though hip is a word they wouldn’t likely not use and just illustrates how non hip we are as authors haha* and if there’s a meme trending hard with the 15 - 25 audience you know Netflix will be all over that.

The cool factor.

It also gave the audience an opportunity to show ‘how cool’ they are by interacting with it. The number of people we saw ‘sharing’ it on the night of the posting to get on that bandwagon and illustrate to their own followers ‘Check me out Sharon I’m still young and cool’ was off the chain and a seriously smart strategy.

It unified their audience.

In a world where we are so separate behind our little screens, something that can bring people together is always a winner, in this instance - on the night of the post it was, to put it bluntly, actually hot as #$%& just as they had described and that heat was affecting much of Australia. So in a single post, they brought people together, said out-loud what oh so many were thinking and did it in a funny way.

It incited emotion.

Whether it was a scowl, a cheeky giggle, a shocked ooh or a big old belly laugh, that post made you FEEL something. When are people feeling something what are they more likely to do? Interact and engage!

Ooh Netflix, you clever sausages. We look forward to seeing what you get up to next!’

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