Gamechanger: Instagram Announces In-App Shopping

Insta brings its A-Game with In-App Shopping

Zucks and the FB team have once again upped their game and the tech giant’s latest development involves fully integrating in-app shopping within Instagram. This means its users will be able to shop within the Instagram app. It’s a ground-breaking move that will make Insta a fully-fledged e-commerce business. #watchoutshopify

How does it work?

The app will store your card information and with a few clicks you will have the ability to purchase whatever impulse item takes your fancy. This is huge for business and it is likely to increase revenues for companies across the globe tenfold.

What does Instagram get out of the deal?

Instagram will charge companies for the privilege of using the in-app service. Items that are eligible for the service will have a big blue “Checkout on Instagram” button which will assure the users that it is a legitimate sale.

Once you have tapped the button you will be taken to screen that asks for your email address, delivery info and payment method and BOOM! You’ve just purchased something you weren’t even thinking about buying until you saw the social post.

The future of Instagram

It’s impulse buying on steroids and the big brands are going to love it. No more will people start looking, get distracted and navigate away.

With over 130 million people tapping on product tags in shopping posts every month it is guaranteed that the sheer speed of this process is set to ensure sales are finalised and that consumers don’t leave the app with items in their shopping baskets.

According to Business News Daily, big brands such as Nike, Dior, Prada and MAC cosmetics are already in a closed beta using the feature, but we are sure many other brands will jump on board once it rolls out.

Facebook is expecting that this will represent the future of the company and that commerce will be an integral part of its suite of social networking apps going forward and they are said to be also working on a payment product involving the blockchain and WhatsApp.

Proving once again that these apps are no longer just a way to catch up with friends, they are big business and they are here to stay.

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