artificial intelligence is taking over social and it's a whole new world...

So, there’s a new kid making strides in the world of social and it’s all about Deepfake. So, what is it and how will it affect you?

You know how filters on your Snap are becoming a little more detailed, cue “turn yourself into a man” or the new “cameo” feature. Well, Snapchat, TikTok and a new kid Zao are taking this to the next level.

Our prediction is that this style of social media will take off in 2020.

Snapchat has recently acquired a computer vision start-up AI factory for $166 million which has only added fuel to the fire. This same company recently helped the platform create the cameo function whereby users can overlay their faces into a selection of pre-made scenes.

Zao, a Chinese owned company allows users to place themselves into movie scenes of their choice with just a single photo or a series of photos in different poses. Looks like a lot of fun but does involve face-mapping. Whilst going completely viral in China, it has also raised serious safety concerns as to what happens with the data that is collected within this app.

TikTok is not missing out and is reportedly working on a feature that takes multi-angle, biometric scans of the users face before uploading it into a selection of videos. Although they are currently denying that it will be rolled out to TikTok and will instead sit with Douyin, the Chinese version of the app.

There’s no doubt that this form of AI is making leaps and bounds and the release of these features are definitely helping these companies research how best to refine the offering.

Our advice is to be careful with what you use but don’t let it get in the way of having a little fun. Want to talk more about AI, chat to us today. We’re excited to share our knowledge and are ready to help you navigate the 20’s.