our hashtag tips for 2020

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Are the hashtags you're using helping people to find you... or getting lost in a whole lot of social noise? Using big hashtags like #smallbusiness and #hairdresser etc definitely have their place, but it's also likely that you're not going to get a whole lot of eyes on the prize when you consider how many people are posting that same hashtag, all around the world in the same hour that you are AND if someone on the opposite side of the world is viewing it... are they even your ideal customer? (ecomm excluded here ofcourse).

Our tips?

1. Mix it up, don't post the same hashtags over and over. This is for a number of reasons; you'll get 'hashtag fatigue', you could find it's just the same people seeing your posts over and over and worst of all - you actually risk getting shadow banned by Insta.

2. Use geobased tags. This is especially important if you are a service-based business where you are trying to appeal to a specific audience. Do some research to find some great tags specific to your local city/suburbs.

3. Think small. Use microtags to niche in your audience by getting really specific to the content you are posting.

4. Look at your data. Check out Insights on posts in your IG to identify what hashtags are driving more traffic to your posts.

5. Don't use banned hashtags. Want to know whether a hashtag is banned? Search it on your Insta! If no posts appear... you know it's been banned and it's not the one for you!

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