Our Social Media predictions for the rest of 2020

Having 2020 vision across your social media platforms

With change comes the opportunity to thrive not just survive. It’s this change in mentality that will see brands leveraging off the back of the pandemic to grow, adapt and ultimately be in a better position in the long run.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen many shifts in how people use social media and these uses will continue to change as we move towards our new normal.

The predicted trajectory for social media in 2020 has changed substantially due to the environmental changes we have faced. As such, we are seeing a change in how the public uses their social media platforms and even which platforms they are spending more time on.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we identified that people were quick to use social media as a news source but as the volume of content grew and inaccuracies in reporting also grew, people began to change.

The public experienced information overload and as a result their behaviour online changed. People started to use social media for its initial purpose. That is, to create networks, communities and a place to connect online.

We saw a rise in entertainment and feel-good social media such as challenge games, TikTok videos and other lighthearted or inspiring forms of communication. In other words, the picture-perfect Instagram life took a backseat and was replaced with real and raw human emotions. Videos were uploaded without editing and people posted in real time instead of waiting for that perfect place in the grid and as a result people became more connected.

Now that we are coming out the other side, we are seeing another shift towards future adaption.

These are our predictions:

1. Social media will become the main platform for communication between friends, family and colleagues. Particularly the use of private messaging and video calling apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger. We know that many consumers were already using these, but the numbers have grown substantially.

2. There will be massive growth in the virtual services space. What was created as a safeguard during lockdown will become part of normal life and many organisations will continue to offer online classes and consultations. Gyms, therapists and legal professionals are some services that will be able to use this as a way to reach an entirely new audience.

3. We can see live events being professionally broadcast online and perhaps subscription fees or one-off fees charged for the service. This is likely to be a service offered by musicians, entertainers, sports events and motivational speakers.

4. Online shopping and augmented reality are likely to be fast tracked with people able to shop from the comfort of their home. This already exists but is still very much in development. One such industry that could potentially gain a lot of traction from this comes from the interior design space, whereby the customer would be able to test pieces in their own house before purchase.

5. Video content will continue to rise in popularity and platforms such as TikTok will continue growing as companies learn how to leverage this form of communication minus the sales push.

One thing is for sure though, over this time social media has once again proven it’s here to stay and we have learnt that it can quickly adapt itself to suit any given situation. It should no longer be thought of as a tool but as a multifaceted communication channel whereby companies can directly access their existing and ideal client base.

It’s now time for you to adapt and use this time to work out how your organisation fits and leverage yourself as a provider of choice that is moving with the times.





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